WIP - Coming Soon Features


RSVP FeatureRSVP Feature with Graphical Calendar


Our DevTeam has created a powerful RSVP solution, which can work as a stand-alone feature or be integrated with Square. Admins can set "timeslots" for specific dates that Users can "book" and once all timeslots are gone, it'll gray that day out on the calendar.

In addition, a tiny little dot lets both you and Users know which days already have bookings (visually).  One of the most important final-touches we are working on is making it super mobile-friendly.



Shop Layout - Specialty V2Layouts, Layouts, Layouts


We know how important it is to offer variety as far as how you present your products, items, services, food, etc. so we've designed a platform that makes it easy for our team to create a large variety of layout and design options to choose from.

We're currently finishing up a lot of the "big" important functionality features, but as soon as that's done, we'll primarily focus on creating the new features our Community votes on, as well as creating fresh, new layout design options ongoing. It was based on a layout by the famous Sweet Green fast casual restaurant chain. 



Shop Layout - Specialty V2Toggle Layout - List View vs. Grid View 


We'll soon be adding a "toggle" layout feature where Customers can toggle between "list" view, which is basically a single column view similar to what Square's current online website has now - and "grid" view, which is a more traditional e-commerce view that retail and product-based businesses tend to adopt. 

You can test out the "engine" that we've already created (at the link above) to power the feature at this link to see how smooth it is. It's based on simple Javascript.




Saved Credit CardsSaved Credit Cards + Manage/Edit Credit Cards


The DevTeam will soon be adding a Manage Credit Cards area on the Edit Account page that'll allow Customers to quickly and easily add or delete saved credit cards, in addition to choosing a "default" credit card for quick checkouts and/or optional E-Wallet Reloads.

We'll soon be posting login info for a demo account where you can see how it looks and feels right now. If you make a purchase and choose "Pay with Credit Card" as your payment option, you'll see a checkbox to save your card, which will make it appear in your Saved Cards list on the Checkout page from then forward.


2022 Square Payments Options

Square's been busy. They bought AfterPay and their Cash App is doing really well, so of course they've added those as payment options to their technology and POS. Finally, they've added new support via the Square API, so we're working on getting all the new payment options up and running. You can see (and test out) a semi-working preview here: 



Custom Email HTML Templates

For those of you who like to send emails to your customers with Deals, Info, Events, etc. we have ready-to-use, custom Email templates, like this one:



Bulk Info/Data Editor

The main reason we decided to add this little beauty is 2 things: 1) Menus and 2) Scheduling. Our DevTeam has been creating high-end custom solutions for a very long time and we finally decided to put together something easy-to-use and powerful that should accommodate almost any need. 

With the Bulk Editor, you can create new "records" (ie. rows) on the fly. Creating Timeslots per row (or not), auto-create rows based on a time range that then adds rows in 15 minute intervals/increments and much more. Here's the main page where you can create rows...


Then this is a page where you can view and edit them: